Why Use An Interim?

Interim Managers are highly experienced and can begin contributing to your business and solving problems from day one.
They focus on the needs of your business and a successful outcome for their assignment, as they are not concerned with career issues.
They provide skills that have been refined and proven in practice.
They look at problems objectively.
Company politics or inter-personal issues do not affect them.
They are sensitive to the need to involve all relevant stakeholders and to communicate with them.

Interim Managers therefore provide a flexible, professional resource to make changes and solve problems rapidly.

You might think that they are a little expensive when compared with the salary of a permanent employee; but in fact, they are excellent value for money because you pay them a day rate only for the days they are working on assignment with you, plus any expenses that have been agreed in advance.

Remember, with an Interim Manager, you don’t have to pay:-

Search and selection fees
Employers National Insurance Contributions
PAYE tax
Pension contributions
Car allowances
Holiday or sickness pay
Health insurance premiums
Severance pay
Share options
Maternity or paternity leave

Interim managers pay all these costs themselves out of their interim day rate.

A recent study of 400 change management assignments undertaken by interims found that almost £50m spent on interim managers generated a return of just under £700m for their clients.
(Source Accountancy Age)

You might have used consultants in the past.
It is very important to understand the difference between management consultants and Interim Managers.

Consultants normally offer a solution to a business problem but leave the implementation to the organisation.

Whereas Interim managers:-

• Also implement business solutions in a practical way.
• Become short-term valuable members of your management team.
• Require little or no supervision
• Can transfer their experience and skills to your existing team
• Cost about one third of the day rate of a typical management consultant.

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